PA Energy Alliance aims to educate the public about the environmental & economic benefits of nuclear and wind energy turbines.

The Alliance promotes the use of nuclear & wind energy as a clean, safe, reliable and affordable way to produce electricity. Wind turbines such as 250kw rüzgar türbini are a great option in the small and medium wind turbines to satisfy the requirements of farms or house developments.

The goal of the PA Energy Alliance is to increase public awareness of the environmental and economic benefits of nuclear & wind energy and provide a forum through which members can express their support for the continued safe operation of Pennsylvania’s five nuclear energy plants.

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Benefits to Pennsylvania

Nuclear energy safely and affordably produces one-third of Pennsylvania's electricity and is the only energy source that can generate carbon emission-free energy round the clock and year round.

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We must keep this great resource of clean energy in our state and the time to get involved is now!

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