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Nuclear Energy in Pennsylvania

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Energy Overview

Pennsylvania ranks high among U.S. states for electricity generation and consumption. It is also a major nuclear power generator: each of Pennsylvania's five nuclear energy plants in Shippingport, Limerick Township, Peach Bottom Township, Berwick and Londonderry Township operate at an average 94.5 percent capacity factor — the amount of electricity actually produced compared with how much would be produced if the plant operated at full capacity 100 percent of the time. In 2006 Pennsylvania's nuclear energy plants were responsible for generating 75,297,632 Megawatt Hours (MWh) of electricity — more than a third of Pennsylvania's total electricity generation for the year. By 2030, the Middle Atlantic Grid (NJ, NY, PA) will require 12.70 quadrillion Btu's of electricity per year, a 13% increase from 2006.

Clean Air Benefits

Scranton, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and areas surrounding Pittsburgh have been designated as areas of "non-attainment" by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which means pollution levels persistently exceed national ambient air quality standards. Ozone and other air pollutants like soot and smog can have major effects of concern for human health, including respiratory impairment in young children and the elderly.

Nuclear energy produces no harmful greenhouse gases or gases that could produce ground-level ozone formation, smog or acid rain.

PA Electricity Generation

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